Hyundai delivers some huge benefits in a smaller-sized package. The subcompact Hyundai Accent provides an option for those interested in smaller vehicles and all the savings that go with them. At Medlin Hyundai, we have a variety of new Hyundai Accent models available. We encourage car shoppers around Greenville NC to take a closer look at these vehicles and their features.

The Most Affordable Hyundai

The Hyundai Accent lists and the lowest-priced Hyundai vehicle available. The small vehicle delivers big savings to those who want a nice car from a top global car manufacturer. Buyers around Wilson NC with budget concerns in mind should check out the Accent and what it offers.

Style: Inside and Out

Extra care and effort when into designing the interior and exterior of the Accent. The exterior look presents a sporty design that accentuates the car's quality manufacturing.

Inside, the exceptional looks continue. A solid effort went into making the interior design look elegant. And Hyundai delivers a comfortable interior, as well.

Performance and Fuel Economy

The engine gets drivers where they want to go with the appropriate amount of horsepower. Expect excellent fuel economy in the city and on the highway. Such is the case among the different trims, as solid fuel economy is a Hyundai Accent hallmark.

Scores of Technological Features

Popular technological features come with a new Hyundai Accent. Touchscreen displays allow for integrating smartphones into the driving experience. Access a multitude of information and entertainment apps. Never feel out of the communications loop when driving an Accent in Goldsboro.

Many tech-based safety features enhance the driving experience. Raleigh drivers will appreciate the assist the safety tech presents.

A Warranty for Buyers

Hyundai long ago established a reputation for producing reliable vehicles with long lifespans. A factory warranty backs Hyundai's performance promises. Would-be buyers should read up on the warranty's details to see how coverage works.

The Test Drive Plan

How about visiting our Rocky Mount location to take the Accent or one of our other new Hyundai cars out for a test drive. See how the performance handles on the road in "real life." Contact our sales team to schedule a drive.

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