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The main difference between leasing a vehicle and purchasing a vehicle is that in the former, you are merely paying the dealership for the value of the vehicle you will use up throughout the lease term, at the end of which you return the vehicle to the dealership. When you finance or buy a car outright, you are paying the total value of the vehicle, and ownership transfers to you.

Deciding which method is right for you can be as simple as figuring out what your budget accommodates, or it can take into account your driving preferences and lifestyle. If you are still unsure which way to go, this page can help you determine whether leasing or buying makes the most sense for your circumstance.

Benefits of Leasing Your Next Vehicle

  1. Lease payments are almost always smaller than auto loan payments, even on more expensive models.
  2. Lease deals often require no money down.
  3. It's easy to trade up to a new model, as you can avoid the hassle of selling.
  4. You are not affected by depreciation.

Benefits of Buying Your Next Vehicle

  1. Buying a vehicle is more economical in the long run.
  2. There are no usage restrictions, such as for mileage or customization.
  3. You aren't subject to additional dealership fees, such as for wear and tear.
  4. The value of the vehicle belongs to you, and you can sell the vehicle whenever you want, whether that's in a year or ten, to whomever you want, whether that's back to the dealership or privately.

Verdict: Should You Buy or Lease?

It depends. There is no definite answer that is right for everyone. However, lessees tend to:

  • Have a short commute
  • Take excellent care of their vehicles
  • Love the latest gadgets and convenience features
  • Like the security of driving under warranty

If that sounds like you, ask about the new Hyundai lease deals available now in Rocky Mount, NC.

Those who purchase their vehicles tend to:

  • Take road trips or drive long distances multiple times a year
  • Perform their own maintenance and repairs
  • Keep a vehicle for longer than five years at a time
  • Take pride in ownership, and/or choose to accessorize

If any of those apply to you, we suggest applying for financing at our Hyundai dealership in Rocky Mount, NC, and making sure to browse our current finance specials.

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